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For whatever reason, you people love this crap enough to send me fanstuffs. This is where I put them up.

Icons by Vega:

Fanart by Nziz.

Neil Art by G. Daniels

More Neil Art by Shawna Mauchline. *snoogles*

Also, this in frm Rob K:


Wrote up a poem the other day, at the suggestion of a friend of mine.

Tim Burton's "Vincent" was about a child obsessed with Vincent Price, right? Well, Rob K's "Tim" is about a boy obsessed with Tim Burton.

--Rob K

P.S. The last line in the entry isn't aimed at anyone specifically. Just people in general. Though I'd never kill *you* with a spork.

Reassuring, Rob.

Fan-Comic by my one and only sibling!

Tin! by Sandra Delete, of Friendly Hostilty.

Tim again, this time by Pole.

An amazing little poem written by Rob K!

~Damned Scissorhands~
as read by Tim.

Today a gay pirate moved under my bed.
My closest friend says he moved into my head.
He said he is sure of this, says there�s a lot of room.
I�ve thought about jarring him loose with a broom.
Is any of this true?! It cannot be!
The gay pirate says it�s vengance for me..
The foolish brit writer just doesn�t understand!
The gay pirate is getting me back..
For those damned scissorhands....