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Alex: Founder and leader of the Spook Squad, Alex is intelligent, focused and always in-control. He also has zero patience for fools, which means he's not a particularly social person. He's a geek, obviously, but one with a rapier wit. Alex got interested in the occult and paranormal at a young age (he was the only ten-year-old in his school regularly checking books on cryptozoology and unexplained phenonoma out of the library) and when in his teens he expanded his horizons by beginning to practice magic. Alex's forte is Westen Ceremonial, although he is well-read on other forms as well. When it comes to the paranormal and the occult, Alex is a bit of an elitist and he has been known to openly mock people he finds to be insufferably ignorant. As a result, Alex has been banned from several pagan gatherings in the Lower Mainland and is often referred to as "that pompous asshole" on certain internet forums and mailing lists. When not researching magical theory, pyschic phenonoma, lake monsters and the like, Alex spends his time listening to old Bing Crosby records and plotting world dominiation. Alex also has a hatred of RPGers and once threw a 12-sided-dice at a Dungeonmaster, knocking the poor guy unconscious.

Gidget: Outgoing and optimistic, Gidget is spunky, flirty and confident. She also happens to have been gifted with pyrokinesis. (That's a firestarter for the confused looking ones in the back.) She doesn't view her talent as particularly odd and certainly not something to be feared - she's really quite comfortable using it. The only time it ever gets out of hand is when she's very angry, which wouldn't be so bad except that Gidget has a pretty short fuse. Gidget has always been interested in ghosts and other paranormal entities, which is the reason she joined the Squad. Aside from her unusual talent, she's also the resident expert on Ouija, dowsing, and pendulum work. She has an unnatural love of disco that she feels compelled to share with those around her, much to the dismay of many of her friends who have been forced to listen to "Fernando" for the twentieth time. She's also a terrific little dancer.

Billy: A Kwakiutl (Kwakwaka'wakw) Native, Billy grew up on Vancouver Island and moved to Vancouver to attend UBC. Gifted with second sight since he was a child, Billy was brought up to be a shaman and iniated into secret societies. While he respects the ways of his people deeply, but he also beleives that without change things stagnate and die, so he's not above what some might find unconventional behaviour for a shaman. Some of his elders claim that Billy has a little too much of Raven in him... Billy is very laid-back and has a good sense of humour; he delights in teasing his friends and enemies alike. He enjoys pickup trucks, bonfires, and bad 80s hair bands. He tends to describe himself as "white trash with red skin."

Ian: Born and raised in London, England, Ian decided that he needed a change. He'd heard somewhere that Canadians were nice people who hated Americans, but since he didn't want snow he was left with no option but to move to Vancouver. Reserved, sarcastic, and with a highly developed sense of the tragically dramatic, it only makes sense that Ian was drawn to the goth subculture. He's also a very sensitive medium - spirits possess his body quite frequently, and he is helpless to stop them. A bizarre side-effect of his talent is that when possesed by female entities, Ian changes gender. This is a source of great confusion for him and leaves him rather ambiguous about his gender-identity. (Another reason he digs goth... he can wear skirts and not get looked at quite so oddly.)

Brian: All he ever wanted was to be normal. Brian is the son of a Caucasian father and a Chinese mother - as such he was considered "too white" by the Chinese kids at school and "too yellow" by the Anglos. Brian spent most of his formative years trying to fit in, but he never quite made it. Even worse was the fact that ever sicne he was little Brian has been seeing dead people, much like that annoying kid in the Sixth Sese. When he enrolled at UBC he vowed that in his quest to eventually become an investment banker he would finally be 'normal' and accepted. Unfortunately, the dead still stroll the campus and they still flock to Brian like flies to... honey. he finally joined the Squad out of desperation and maintains that he doesn't like any of the 'freaks' in the group. Brian comes off as an asshole, mostly because he is, but he does have a good side. Somewhere.

Marilyn - The body of a bombshell and the heart of a Disney herione, Marilyn is painfully shy. Men tend to be more interested in her body than her mind and women tend to hate her because she's attractive - both reactions baffle Marilyn and further convince her that nobody will ever understand her. Marilyn is clairvoyant, but her visions of events (be they past, present or future) tend to be sporadic and oftentimes confusing. Consequently Marilyn practises divination by use of tarot cards as she finds these easier to understand, and also more reliable. Marilyn is more interested in spirituality than magic, however, and she considers herself "vaguely pagan." She reads a LOT and so spends a great deal of time at the local occult bookstore. In fiction, she generally prefers happy endings.

All characters copyright S&M; Mauchline 2005


"Wrists are for girls. I'm slitting my throat."


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