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iFAQ (that would be "infrequently asked questions")

Who are you guys?
We are Amanda and Shawna Mauchline - sisters, roommates, evil geniuses. Shawna (aka Shawnibuya) is an animator currently working on a short film, and Amanda (aka N, aka Mandy) draws the online comic Nice Hair and is currently plotting to overthrow the comic industry with eyeliner and duct-tape.

Whose brilliant idea was this?
I'm going to pretend that wasn't sarcasm. The initial idea for the Squad was Shawna's. Originally the idea was conceived as being serious, but Mandy managed to fuck that all up.

Why a comic about the paranormal?
They tell you to write what you know, don't they? While not the be-all, end-all authorities on the occult and paranormal, the artists have been involved in "weird shit" for something like eight years. As such, we've seen a lot that ought to be made fun of.

Are the characters based on real people?
No, although traits from real people tend to sneak in. Mostly ourselves. We think that that's pretty inevtiable for all creators - stuff you like winds up getting passed onto your characters because of that "write what you know" thing already mentioned. Gidget's love of disco and Alex's love of Bing Crosby both come from Shawna, for example. Alex's occult snobbery is remarkably similiar to Mandy's.... Still, we feel the characters are their own people and not just us in disguise.

Is N capable of drawing a comic with NO goth stuff in it?
The answer is apparently "No. No, she isn't."

Will there be fairies/werewolves/vampires/sexydemons featured in this strip? And will they please all be pretty boys who make out with eachother?
There will be a multitude of strange beings appearing in the comic over time - however, they will be based on what magical tradition and personal experience have shown them to be, not what pop culture stuff portrays them as. If you want boys who look like girls with dragon wings and crap, go somewhere else. Or better yet, shoot yourself. And we pretty much refuse to draw pretty boys - I mean jeebus, you DID see Ian, yes?

How do I get ahold of you so I can yell at you and stuff?
Contact Shawna at or check out her livejournal.
Contact Mandy at or stalk her livejournal.
Also check us out on Deviantart under the user names shawnibuya and violentsound.


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